Holy Grail of Afro-Soul!!
Ultra rare and 2nd album recorded in 1978 in Nigeria by a 6 band members from Porto Novo, a city based in the east part of Benin.
Infos about the band remained really hard to find, sadly all the musicians died, as did the lead singer in a tragic car accident.
After its 1st album in 1976, Ogassa (“Oga” means master in Nigerian dialect) was touring a lot in all West-Africa, thanks to radio hits such as “Segbele- Gbele”, or “Ajimevi”. They were also very close from the famous Orchestre Poly- Rythmo de Cotonou, with whom they worked together once in a few.
Most of these songs were only pressed once on vinyl by the famous Albarika label in Cotonou and have remained unreleased since.

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